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Update - 03.09.19

EZPage Builder

- Caption text optimized for image, image popup and image box

- Revision of the element display (optimization)

- Various mobile optimizations

    Image Popup -> Dropback improved

    Video & Video Popup -> Pausing by clicking on the video

    Navigation -> Submenu Handling improved

    Action "Scroll to" -> Smooth Scroll on mobile devices

    Checkbox -> Display error at IOS fixed

    Image popup & video popup -> "Close" button implemented

    Schedules List Handling optimized (especially in Popup's -> Overflow)

- Icon, Image, Image Box -> Image links no longer clickable in edit mode

- Datetime Element -> Rendering on IOS devices improved

- Mobile/Tablet/Desktop only for Columns

- Improvement of placeholders for e-mails


- Optimization of the display of error messages

- Actions -> ActiveCampaign -> search function for lists and tags added

- Funnelfavicon implemented

- e-mails -> "Change template" link implemented to change the mail templates

- Email API Enhancement

- Optimization of translations


- Optimized display of chargeable courses

- Richeditpr optimizations

    Video input via EZPlayer

    Font size and color changes

    Improvement of handling

- Optimization of the member area wizard


- Optimization of the Webinar Wizard

- Display of the number of participants in the webinar room

- Text optimization for Replay Auth-Page

- Export -> registrations, participants and much more from a webinar


- Display of user-defined fields, which can be queried via dropdown, input or checkbox

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